Scott Revo, Executive Director

Scott Revo joins MCYO as Executive Director after a deep and rich career of 30 years in the music industry as a Music Publishing, Marketing, Events, and Project Management professional. With a career that started in choral music distribution, progressed into music publishing, and underscored with the planning and management of many music events, Scott’s journey has taken him to 37 countries and throughout the United States to play Trombone, sing with choirs, and produce concert events in the most prestigious halls and cathedrals around the world. “I’m excited to put my varied musical experiences to work for the Music City Youth Orchestra. Over the years, I’ve helped to create amazing concerts and music events of all kinds in some of the most iconic locations. Concerts are more than just the music. These experiences all add up to create a musical memory that will last a lifetime and that’s what I hope we always do for our MCYO students. I love that our MCYO conductors are also music arrangers and professional performers themselves. They help to build the ‘eclectic’ repertoire that MCYO is known for and they create a wide variety of experiences for our students.” A native of Lexington, KY, Scott and his wife Beverly live in south Nashville and have four adult children. Scott is a lifetime learner, advocate, and mentor always looking for ways to promote music education and the power of music to change lives. It is his sincere hope that you will join with MCYO to encourage music education in Middle Tennessee and invest in the lives and musical experiences of our MCYO students at

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